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Do you take away your rubbish?2018-03-28T19:58:13+01:00

Yes, all rubbish and bottles used by the bar will be taken away at the end of the night. We do not want to upset your venue.

Do you collect glasses?2018-03-28T19:57:15+01:00

Yes. Our bar staff cannot bare to see dirty tables covered in used glasses. We will always bring enough bar staff to ensure there is somebody to collect empties.

What deposit do you require?2018-03-28T19:55:48+01:00

A refundable £200 deposit is required to book any bar set up with a minimum spend. This is refunded the following day should the minimum spend be met.

Can we provide our own table wine?2018-03-28T19:54:58+01:00

We do allow the bride and groom to provide complimentary drinks as long as they are within the limits of packages that we provide: one welcome drink per person, half a bottle of table wine per person and one toasting drink. No free drinks above these limits are permitted and any violations would result in us taking our bar away. We do have very competitively priced packages which also include glassware, service and drinks chilling: cost and time that many couples do not take into account when choosing to provide their own drinks.

How long will you serve for?2018-03-28T19:52:15+01:00

This will normally depend on any restrictions the venue or license have. However, if both allow we will serve for as long as we are legally allowed and your guests are thirsty!

Is the bar licensed?2018-03-28T19:50:02+01:00

In instances where the venue do not have a license to serve alcohol, which as you a hiring a mobile bar they normally will not, then we will apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) at our expense.

When do you set up the bar?2018-03-28T19:48:59+01:00

We try and set up at least a day before your wedding to ensure peace of mind. However, this is not always possible and we may have to set up on the morning of the wedding. Rest assured this will never be while your ceremony or wedding breakfast is taking place.

How far do you travel?2018-03-28T19:47:50+01:00

We generally operate in Yorkshire and The North East but can travel further afield subject to a higher set up fee or minimum spend.

Are there discounts for large groups?2018-03-28T19:45:25+01:00

Ask us nicely and we may give a free place to the bride-to-be for all groups of 16 and above.

Can we choose the cocktails?2018-03-28T19:43:15+01:00

We have a standard master class cocktail offering for every occasion which are proven to be delicious and fun to make. However, if you have any favourites or would like a theme to your master class then please let us know and we will be happy to oblige.

Do you need a deposit?2018-03-28T19:42:04+01:00

Yes. A small deposit of either the travel charge or cost of one person is required to confirm the booking with the remainder payable anytime between booking and the day of the class.

Do we need to provide anything?2018-03-28T19:41:07+01:00

No, all you need to provide is a group of people willing to learn and have a lot of fun along the way. Your mixologist will bring the glassware, equipment, ice, banter and booze!

How far do you travel?2018-03-28T19:37:18+01:00

We generally operate in Yorkshire and the North East but will travel subject to a 0.45p per mile one way travel charge from our Stamford Bridge base.

Where will you conduct the class?2018-03-28T19:35:57+01:00

We have been in large houses, back gardens, swimming pools or small hotel rooms! We will normally operate from a small table, kitchen counter or can bring along a bar to set up. There is no place too big or too small for a Louisianna’s master class!

Is there a minimum number of guests?2018-03-28T19:46:41+01:00

There is no minimum number of guests but our minimum charge is for eight people. Therefore we can do classes for six people but you will be charged for eight…. obviously you will get more cocktails per person though!

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