Our bartenders will have a minimum of two years experience in the hospitality industry and posses exemplary customer service skills. Bartenders will have the ability to serve beer, wine, prosecco, champagne, soft drinks and spirit & mixers as well as providing table service, waiter service and reception drinks.

From £10p/h


Our mixologists will work with a creative flare and have knowledge of over 200 cocktail recipes after being hand selected having worked in high quality bars or cocktail lounges for a minimum of three years.

From £15p/h

Flare Bartenders

Think flare bartender, think Tom Cruise, think Cocktail. Our flare bartenders are there to entertain your guests with their tin flipping, bottle catching, show stopping moves while simultaneously making drinks of the highest quality. The creme de la creme of the Louisianna’s bartenders.

From £25p/h